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​Strategic Objectives

  1. Directing the sectoral actions which contribute to the creation of conditions for reconciliation.
  2. Create conditions in the population and territories that allow reconciliation and non-repetition.
  3. Contribute to overcoming poverty with an effective offer.
  4. Bring attention efficiently to populations and territories.
  5. Improve Social Prosperity´s management.

Social Prosperity is the national government agency that seeks to define policies, general plans, programs and projects for assistance, care and compensation to victims of violence, social inclusion, attention to vulnerable groups and their social and economic reintegration.

To achieve this goal, the Department fully works on the formulation and implementation of social policies, in addition to coordinating Care Unit and Reparation for Victims, the Colombian Family Welfare Institute, the National Agency for Overcoming Extreme poverty, the National Center for Historical Memory and the Special Administrative Unit for Territorial Consolidation.